Portfolio Management Software Solutions

- Implement Client's Requirements
    - Clock Attorney Phone Calls
     - Track Payable Expenses
     - Maintain Account Due Diligence
     - Pursue Legal Judgments
     - Bankruptcy Work-Out Payments
     - Delinquent Account Notices
     - Variable Interest Rate Resets
     - Account Note Pad Collection
     - Bank/Check Reconciliaton
     - Investor Remittance Reporting
     - Cut Checks For Taxes & Insurances
     - Electronic IRS Filing
     - Fractionalized Investor Partnerships
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- Software Warranty
- 24/7 Technical Support
- On-Site Installation & Training
- Download Software Updates

AMFG serves superlative companies whose ideals include superlative customer service, integrity, vision, and innovation.

AMFG reinvests in the education, training and promotion of its employees and moves aggressively to provide expert service for all debt management acquisitions.

Our customer care department delivers knock-out quality and unsurpassed performance in information data technology for loan accounting, debt collection, and other contractual payment instruments.

    AMFG offers expert knowledge and money-making success in computer
    information science in order to efficiently control costs and optimize cash
    flow for performing, subperforming and loss mitigation of nonperforming

    We provide a sample demonstration system along with an evaluation of
    our future client’s current system, complexity of required features,
    timeframe for system to system conversion, accuracy and validation of
    data conversion, implementation and training of users, additional system
    enhancements, to determine the price for a personalized software system.
    Our Windows based software systems are far superior to our competitors.
    Every system is tailored made to each customer's unique specifications.
    All software systems are comprehensive, all encompassing, and easy to use.
    The loan servicing program computes interest, principal, late fees, escrows
    and other charges for scheduled payment processing along with work-outs,
    forgiveness of debt, lump sum settlements, partial charge-offs, full account
    balance pay-offs, miscellaneous, and vendor expense payments.

    All payments are processed by assigned activity codes, bank accounts,
    vendors and investor codes for a secure and efficient accounting system.
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